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Tip # 001

Stop bad dreams
remove electric wires from South Vastu zone

Tip # 002

Improve cash flow keep Red flowers in south-east Vastu zone

Tip # 003

Recover blocked payments remove blue colour in the south east zone

Tip # 004

Get recognition and frame with a painting of a lush green landscape in the north zone of your home

Tip # 005

Awaken your talent by placing the chess board in the West direction of your home

Tip # 006

Get Financial Stability by placing a Yellow vase in South West Vastu ZOne

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What our Client Say About Us

Parag Awasthi suggested simple changes like shifting of plants, change color of soft board fabric, shifting dustbin, etc. The result: revenue grew post changes. So much that the last 3 months have helped me achieve my dream turnover. A dream I have had for 5 years now.
Vinita Kumar
MD Tianu - The Furniture Company
Few small suggestions which were implemented in just 5 min; changed my relationship with my own mom in just 15 days which was spoiled for 20 long years. Earlier we could not stand each other and now we both have not only started communicating but also understanding each other.
Mayuri Upadhyay
English Trainer, Surat
I saw a growth of 5X in my business of Mutual Fund advisory. I had set up few monthly goals which were majorly achieved. Doing vastu remedies from a right person who is backed with knowledge and experience is actually an investment for the entire family. I really thank Parag!
Do not wish to be named
MD of a Factory near Mumbai