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Parag Awasthi

Telecom Engineer, MBA and Vastu Acharya

It was in the year of 2008, Parag got an awesome opportunity to be a part of  TATA Jagriti Yatra, a non-governmental organization that promotes entrepreneurship, in these 18 days journey Parag got chance to personally meet 36 entrepreneurs and leaders who were setting example in their regions. The fire to serve humanity got ignited and he came back with motive and dream to work for people.

For almost a decade, Parag have helped over hundreds of families across the globe and have transformed their lives. It is his mission to bring Peace, Prosperity and Abundance in people’s life by balancing their space like home, office etc. with the help of Astro – Vastu

Vastu Acharya Parag Awasthi, Engineer Graduate and MBA, through his company, Fortune Vastu Consultancy, based Mumbai, India, Parag offer Astro – Vastu Solutions to people. Parag has worked with a range of people including Homemakers, Businessman, CEO’s, Bollywood celebrities and industrialists. He offer variety of services designed and proven to help businesses and individual to achieve success.

Company Milestone

2012 - The Begninning

Left Telecom Job
Founded Fortune Vastu Consultancy in Mumbai, INDIA

2013 - Expansion

Started Pan India consultancy
Bollywood celebrities
Par Excellence in Ancient Vastu Award

2015 - Astro-Vastu connection,

Title of Acharya

Started co-relating Astrology and Vastu.
Understood that Vastu needs Astrology for complete and accurate solutions.
Vastu is customised with individual's Astrology chart (kundli).
Conferred with title of Vastu Acharya

2016 - Best Acharya Award

Awarded the most prestigious award- The Best Acharya Award
Another feather on cap, awarded Spiritual Stalwart Par Excellence in Astro-Vastu.

2017 - Mentor, Coach and

International Projects

Selected as a mentor to coach the graduating Acharyas.
Initiated taking sessions to guide Vastu consultants and help them in their consultancy.
International projects.

2018 - Workshops and Seminars

Conducted Astro-Vastu workshops.
Seminars on Astro - Vastu

2019 - World is our Sunshine

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Some of the Prestigious Awards

World Alternative Therapy
Best Vastu Acharya Award
Spiritual Stalwart

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