The whole universe is based on five elements. As you know there is nothing beyond Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. We are born from it and we are going to dissolve in it.

Let’s discuss the Water element. What is the natural tendency of water? “To Flow”. When we think of water element first thought comes to mind is its flowing nature. Water is flowing. In our life what is flowing? Ideas, Thoughts. There are non-stop thoughts coming to mind. Thoughts are continuously flowing in our mind that shows us that it is a water element. In business, walk-in of clients or flow of clients will be described by the water element. You can also consider health has a water element. When you consume food, nutrition flow to each & every part of the body, every cell of the body. Nutrition flow from blood circulation. If you say you are in a confused state or no ideas or thoughts are flowing, you are not clear what you should do in life?  That means the water element got disturbed. Or someone says there is no walk in of customers in a shop that shows that water element got disturbed. Somehow water element got disturbed.

You can imagine this, as water is flowing in the river, flowing water is always fresh water. In the flowing river, aquaculture develops. Also, there is the development of greenery on both sides of the riverbank. Flowing water gives life. It generates life. Water governs life. When the flow is there automatically healing will start, clients will walk in and continuous cash flow will be there. If you have issues like No flow of Money or Opportunity, Health issues, confusion, your water element got disturbed. If we talk about 16 directions from North of North – West to North – East dominance of water element is more. Here we suggest using colours representing the water element. Colours of the water element are Blue, Black we can use that the same.

Avoid storage in this area as storage represents the Earth element. Say water is flowing and we built a dam. So dam is an earth element. It will stop or slow down the flow of water. Huge storage will affect the flow of water. Keep low storage; if there is storage keep it in an organised manner. By this blocked water element gets free. Automatically opportunities, money, healing everything start activating.