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Anyone can be successful and have abundance in life. The abundance of money, success, happy relationships. 
Vastu of his house plays a very crucial and important role in making or breaking a person.

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Vastu Acharya - Parag Awasthi

It was in the year of 2008, I got an awesome opportunity to be a part of TATA Jagriti Yatra, a non-governmental organization that promotes entrepreneurship, in these 18 days journey I got chance to personally meet 36 entrepreneurs and leaders who were setting example in their regions. The fire to serve humanity got ignited and he came back with motive and dream to work for people.

For almost a decade, I have helped over hundreds of families across the globe and have transformed their lives. It is my mission to bring Peace, Prosperity and Abundance in people’s life by balancing their space like home, office etc. with the help of Astro – Vastu

How we are Different?


We follow the most logical and scientific approach - The 4 steps theory, We gird your to scale layout of your house in 16 Vastu direction, Understand your concerns, match your symptoms with the layout and provide your Solutions


Our solutions and remedies rarely suggest structural changes and demolitions. We give simple, practical and workable solutions


We have a follow up system, where we get back to our clients after stipulated time frame to get their feedback on the work done

Our Approach

Our Vastu solutions rarely involve structural changes or demolitions. We implement easy and practical solutions which will make your space Vastu-perfect. We believe in Breaking Myths, Not Your Homes!

Clients Isssue

Prime importance is given to understanding clients requirement. We understand the client issues and Vastu suggestion are given to solve them

To - Scale Layout

Vastu without To-scale layout is like doing diagnosis without holding the pulse. We work only with To-scale layout of clients property to pin point the exact pain area.

Symptom Matching

Best and easy solutions can be provided once areas where channeling or growth is required are known. To-scale layout ensures what is being said is visible in the property layout and accordingly precise solutions are provided.

Practical Solution

We believe in cost effective, simple and workable solutions without demolitions to once property. Our solutions are simple yet effective which can be as simple as changing curtains, shifting dustbins, etc

Vastu Tips ?

easy and practical vastu tips

What Our Clients Say About Us

Some of our clients testimonial

He has been part of our journey from 90 Sq. Ft. and 4 employee office to a company having presence in 10 locations today PAN India, including a Singapore entity and 240+ employees. He has always been there in good and challenging times, to give his solutions, which I proudly call as my "BRAHMASTRA'S". I Have ample of success stories to share but the best way is only by experiencing them in person, as they just sound magical and difficult to believe.
Kaushal Panchal
Co-Founder of IT Company Cyberace Infovision Pvt. Ltd.
Parag Awasthi suggested simple changes like shifting of plants, change color of soft board fabric, shifting dustbin, etc.
The result: revenue grew post changes. So much that the last 3 months have helped me achieve my dream turnover. A dream I have had for 5 years now.
Vinita Kumar
MD Tianu - The Furniture Company
I am developing a 8 Acre plot in Rajpur. My permission file was stuck in collector office for almost 6 months. You suggested some correction in PUJA AREA. These suggestions were simple enough & were carried out in 15 minutes by me. I am so thrilled to share with you that this file was cleared within 48 HRS of the corrections. Sir, Hats off to this science & I acknowledge you for this wonderful service that you are offering to people.
Sanjay Bhawsar
Land Development Business, Khargone, M.P.
Few small suggestions which were implemented in just 5 min; changed my relationship with my own mom in just 15 days which was spoiled for 20 long years. Earlier we could not stand each other and now we both have not only started communicating but also understanding each other. There is much peace in my life now.
Mayuri Upadhyay
English Trainer, Surat
My company which was facing lot of union problems and cases are finally getting solved. My workers have started supporting me. All these positive changes have happened in just 2 months of my Vastu changes.
Do not wish to be named
MD of a Factory near Mumbai
Teamwork and bonding grew unbelievably in my office. New business clients were acquired with record speed and old client’s retention improved dramatically. It was like magic happening. All this within 3 months of the changes done as suggested by Parag.
I owe this growth and stability to him for sure.
Thank you Parag and God Bless. !!!
Manoj Dhanwani
Managing Director - Megan Impex Pvt Ltd. E-commerce business consulting agency
I saw a growth of 5X in my business of Mutual Fund advisory. I had set up few monthly goals which were majorly achieved. I really thank Parag for giving few tips in between when required. Doing vastu remedies from a right person who is backed with knowledge and experience is actually an investment for the entire family.
Do not wish to be named
Thanks Parag Making Me Believe in Vastu as Subject and Vastu as a Serious Thing Changing some of My wants into Reality
Alok Nag
Loan and Mortgage Services
My brother was always depressed nature by birth. With just Astrology, Parag ji asked me if I had kept Chandi vessels in East of my home. We had kept them since we were young. He asked them to shift in a specific direction as per brother's kundli. And since then in some days my brother has been very active, happy and wanting to work with zeal. In just 1 and half months my brother has increased the production 2 folds than the normal. I am so thankful to him for his guidance.
Do not wish to be named

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